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Hi, my name is Kei!cherry blossom

Blogs are all the rage, and I wanted to create one about things important to me. What’s important to me? Many things!

I’m a graduate student, so my research is important.

I’m American living in America, so American current events are important to me.

I speak Japanese as a second language, so Japanese language, culture, food, and fashion are important to me. I’m also in a long-distance relationship (LDR) with a Japanese guy, so LDR coping mechanisms and Japanese current events are important to me.

What’s with my blog title? I studied abroad in Yamanashi prefecture (Yamanashi-ken) in Japan, so I identify Yamanashi as my “hometown.” Japanese people usually think that’s strange, since it’s not my real hometown, but as most Americans who have studied abroad in Japan tell me, living in Japan can give one an extraordinary sense of endearment to the country and its culture.

I hope you will enjoy my blog!











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