One month ’til Japan! / 日本まで後一ヶ月


My phone’s countdown app says 32 days until I leave for my one month vacation in Japan! (* >ω<)

I will be visiting my fiancé in Tokyo and visiting old friends that I made during my study abroad trip. See 3 spots I want to visit in Tokyo!

In addition to increasing my excitement about going, this also increases my stress about my thesis research. I’m a graduate student and I hope to graduate next semester, which means that I need to finish the majority of my research and first thesis draft before I go to Japan (;´Д`) I’m fairly confident that I will be spending very little time writing my thesis while in Japan.

My fiancé has even threatened to quit Skyping me for the next month if I don’t spend more time on my thesis. I’m not really slacking off, but I could probably spend a little more time on it. Of course, my thesis is important, but planning my time in Japan is way more fun!







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