Food in Japanese-English/和製英語食べ物


Japanese has something called wasei eigo (和製英語, literally “Japanese-made English”), which means words that seem to be English (eigo), but are not. These words came from English originally, but the meaning has been changed to a distinctly Japanese meaning.


I know, it’s confusing. So, here is an example. Today I’m going to list some wasei eigo names for familiar foods.

American dog (amerikan doggu/アメリカンドッグ)

An amerikan doggu is a corn dog.

Ice (aisu/アイス)

Aisu is a short form of ice cream. You can also use the longer form aisu kuriimu (アイスクリーム), but I prefer asking if someone wants to eat ice!

Ice candy (aisu kyandii/アイスキャンディー)

The term aisu kyandii refers to popsicles AKA ice lollies.

Hotcake (hotto keeki/ホットケーキ)

A hotto keeki is a pancake.

Fried potato (furaido poteto/フライドポテト)

French fries AKA chips are known as furaido poteto.

Juice (juusu/ジュース)

When my friends asked me to buy juusu for a party, they didn’t mean fruit juice, but rather soda. It can also be used for energy drinks.

Sand (sando/サンド)

Rather than the full sandoicchi (サンドイッチ) you can just shorten sandwich to sando.

Soft cream (sofuto kuriimu/ソフトクリーム)

Sofuto kuriimu is soft serve ice cream.

Now I’m really hungry, so I’m going to go find something to eat!





アメリカンドッグじゃなくて、英語でcorn dogって言うね。


アイスとアイスクリームは英語でice creamでしょね。アイスが良いやすいから、仲良くアメリカ人の友達と一緒にiceをよく使うけどね(笑)


アイスキャンディーはアメリカでpopsicle、イギリスでice lolliesと言うね。




アメリカのフライドポテトはfrench friesって言っても、フランスから来てないって聞いたよ.





Soft cream (sofuto kuriimu/ソフトクリーム)

ソフトクリームは英語でsoft serve ice creamって言うね。




Want more? Check out my other wasei eigo examples! 他の和製英語はここです! About/アバウト, Recycle/リサイクル, Cunning/カンニング

What other wasei eigo have you heard? Did you misunderstand it when you first heard it? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Food in Japanese-English/和製英語食べ物

  1. I never really experienced these words however I believe that every country has its own “English” words which are actually not. Lets take the German word for mobile phone as an example “handy” ..yeah you read right they call it handy but then again mobile phones can be pretty handy:)

    There are many more of these words but I am now just too tired to write them down….(10pm here after a long long office week)


    • I really love the word “handy” for mobile phones! I think language is interesting, and especially the way languages co-opt words from other languages.

      I hope you rest well after your long week!

      Liked by 1 person

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