I’ve Arrived!/着いたよ!

Narita Airport

So, it’s technically my second full day in Japan, but I have been pretty busy since I got here.


Arrival Day/着いた日

After I arrived in Narita Airport on Friday afternoon I got through immigration fairly quickly. Not many people from my flight were staying in Tokyo; most of them were catching connecting flights to other destinations. There was a big flight from Seoul right ahead of me in line for immigration, but it went quickly despite the crowds. My bag had been moved off the carousel before I arrived so I had to find it at the information desk, but there were no issues getting through customs and they didn’t even look in my bag (they did look when I arrived last time).


Narita Airport Terminal 1

I met my fiance right outside the international gate and it’s awesome to see him again! He lives in Tokyo (Narita is in Chiba), but since it was Friday night traffic it took us about 3 hours to get back to his place. There were a lot of accidents on the Higashi-Kanto Expressway, and traffic was so bad in some places that even the ambulances couldn’t make it through. Thank goodness for the car navi, so that we were able to get off the main road for a bit just before the worst slowing.


Higashi-Kanto Expressway

When we got to his place I quickly changed so that we could go to his parents’ house for dinner, since we were already late. I didn’t have time to prepare their omiyage, since I carried the fragile part and the wrapping separately, but today I was able to give them their gifts. I’m glad I didn’t sleep the night before I left because I slept through most of my plane rides and passed out when I got back to his apartment. The next morning I woke up at 7 and I’ve had no trouble adjusting to the time difference.


Day 1/Day 2

Yesterday I ate breakfast and watched political shows about the upcoming election with his father in the morning, went shopping in Ikebukuro in the afternoon for my fiance’s mother’s birthday present, and then we ate dinner in the evening with his father at an amazing Chinese restaurant called Chapey (茶平/チャペイ/cha-pei). Today I’m doing work for school while he goes to the gym, whilst drinking Coca-Cola Orange, which I must say has a light refreshing hint of orange and is not overpowering.



Coca-Cola Orange on the kotatsu!

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