Long Time No See/久しぶりですね


Asakusa KaminarimonAsakusa Kaminarimon – photo by kei

久しぶりですね!So I’ve been really busy since I arrived in Japan. I’ve had a lot of appointments, plus I’ve snuck in some time for sightseeing (yay Asakusa!). It recently caught up with me and I wasn’t feeling so well, so after my appointment today my fiance’s mother took me to the local clinic for an IV drip for an hour. I’m supposed to go to Hakone tomorrow so I hope it will work! Right now, my arm just really hurts, but I’m going to have ochazuke (warm rice with tea) with the mother-in-law and rest while my fiance goes to the gym.

Thank you all for reading my blog, and I hope to make more posts later! For now, please enjoy Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) and its deities up close. またね!

6 thoughts on “Long Time No See/久しぶりですね

  1. Rob Jon Becks

    You had such pretty sunshine for this Kaminarimon shot – nice! (unlike my pre-typhoon endless-rain experience there in Oct -.-)
    Hope u r well meanwhile.


    • Thank you! I am still wearing a mask on the train just because I’m always near someone without a mask who has a terrible cough.
      I am using Vitamin C as an excuse for inhaling CC Lemon… (´∇ノ`*)ノ

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