Back from Hakone!/箱根から帰って来ました!


rotemburoI’m back in Tokyo! Hakone was amazing, and the hot springs were the best part. It was quite cold but my fiance and I braved the elements and did some outdoor activities. Then, we came back and soaked in the onsen! Tomorrow we will be taking wedding photos in both Western and Japanese clothing, and it will take basically all day. So, I am going to take the night to rest while he goes back to the gym. I’m fully recovered from whatever was wrong (thank you to IV drip and onsen!) and just in time, because I have a busy schedule still ahead.

Photo by kei: private onsen bath (rotemburo) in Hakone

2 thoughts on “Back from Hakone!/箱根から帰って来ました!

    • It’s quite expensive, but it was really worth it! Pretty much anytime I was in the room I washed off and got into the rotenburo. I think it’s mainly found in ryokan (traditional Japanese inn).

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