Pachinko Slot/パチスロ


Yesterday was raining, so my fiancé and I spent the morning watching movies and then when we couldn’t stand being inside anymore, we went to the Million pachinko slot (パチスロ) nearby. What is pachinko slot? It’s a bunch of machines crowded into a game center with a constant onslaught of casino-like noise and cigarette smoke. He watches pachinko slot (mostly slot) videos all the time, and he used to do it as a part-time job, so he wanted to show it to me. I had never even been to a pachinko parlor before, and it took a while for me to figure out what was going on.

Pachinko slot machines at a Million arcade - photo by kei

Pachinko slot machines at a Million arcade – photo by kei

You exchange money for medals, then insert the medals into the slot machine. Then you pull the knob to start the slots turning. You have buttons underneath the slot to pick when you want it to stop. That’s pretty much like Las Vegas casinos. Above the slots there is a video screen with an animated story related to whichever theme you’ve picked. My fiancé picked Tekken, and I took the Batman machine next to him. There are certain cues from the animated story that’s going on above the slots that tell you when you have a chance for a rush, and I still am pretty clueless about when the hints come up.

My fiancé sat next to me and multitasked, playing my game when I got rush opportunities, and playing his own. We didn’t want the staff to think we were doing anything weird, so we switched spots off and on when he was doing the important work to get the rush. I got to play during the rush which was exciting and ego-boosting, because it tells you which slot button to stop first and gives you bonuses without much skill. However, the Batman rush lasted hours because it gave me like 500 slot pulls and I kept getting more bonus games. While he finished off the rush, I played the Basilisk machine next door and kept getting mini rushes.


¥2 Slot Machines – photo by kei

In total, we spent about 5 hours there. They were 2 yen slots, and we spent about ¥4000 (about $33), but since we won (the rush), we got back about ¥4000. According to my fiancé, it’s really hard to win now of days. The machines are designed for people to lose. Most slots are 20 yen, but the 2 yen slots are good because even if you lose you don’t lose very much. After 5 hours I couldn’t hear very well, my ears were ringing, and I stank of tobacco. I don’t think I’ll go back again, but I’m glad I went for the experience.


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