Photo Friday: Circle / Cosmo Clock 21


Welcome to my first go at Photo Friday! One of my unresolved 2015 goals was to improve my photography. Something I’ve been wanting to try out is the Photo Friday challenge. I take lots of photos, and I wanted to share some of them on my blog. So, here is my first challenge to myself.


Photo Friday Challenge: Circle

My interpretation of the Circle challenge is the Cosmo Clock 21 (コスモクロック21) in Yokohama (横浜), Japan. The Cosmo Clock is a huge ferris wheel, and it is a famous symbol of Yokohama. Another famous symbol in the foreground is the Nippon Maru (日本丸), a Japanese ship museum. I picked this photo because it makes me think of the New Year, and the Cosmo Clock goes around like the year, and time, turns. It’s also fitting, because 1 year ago today I returned from my Japan trip to visit my then-fiance ^^


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