Photo Friday: Time / Livingston Mountains


Livingston, MT

Photo Friday Challenge: Time

This photo was taken on an Easter hike several years ago outside of Livingston, MT (US). We set out in the morning, climbing higher and higher, and the only thing that stopped us from going to the top was the snowline.

When I’m out hiking I think about the passage of time, both human and geologic time. These mountains formed something like 55 million years ago, but the rocks on the top of the mountains are even older than that, and they were deposited at the bottom of an ocean. In the human time scale, the passage of time is marked by snows that fall and then melt and wash down the mountains to feed the rivers. The mountains then dry out and wildfires spread across the forests, destroying and the habitat so that it can be rejuvenated and restored.

As we continue through our daily lives, time is continuing on.

What is your perception of time? Let me know in the comments, or link your own post or photo about time!


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