L is for Las Vegas


For today’s entry in the A to Z Challenge, L is for Las Vegas. Las Vegas is located in Nevada in the US, and is famous as a gambling capital. Other things Las Vegas is famous for is marriages performed by Elvis, conventions, and general debauchery.

Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip – photo by kei

My first experience with Las Vegas was at age 18, much younger than the legal gambling and drinking age of 21, which really limits the places you can go. In the hotel casinos you can’t go near the gaming machines – which are often between the hotel rooms and the hotel entrance. You can’t enter clubs, and your activities can be limited, especially if you are with a group of 21+ people.

Las Vegas

The Chandelier Lounge at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas – photo by kei

Las Vegas

Paris & Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas – photo by kei

My later trips to Las Vegas were after I turned 21, which opened up a lot of options. I don’t gamble (except the occasional game of pachinko, where I know I’ll at least win back my money) but the shows in Las Vegas are pretty awesome. From pricey shows like Cirque du Soleil (visually stunning acrobatics), to mid-range shows like the Tournament of Kings (a medieval jousting show) at Excalibur, to free shows like the Bellagio Fountain show – you can find something that appeals to you.

Las Vegas

Chandeliers at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas – photo by kei

Las Vegas

Paris Tower in Las Vegas – photo by kei

I’ve been to Las Vegas for a conference, a wedding, and even at Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a popular time for Japanese (and other) foreign exchange students to visit Las Vegas. You can eat a Thanksgiving dinner (buffet style or Chinese), go shopping, and enjoy the usual Vegas attractions. I will warn you that it gets really crowded, and you probably want to get reservations well in advance.

Las Vegas

Bellagio water fountain show in Las Vegas – photo by kei

Las Vegas isn’t for everyone, but even if you only go for a weekend I think it’s an interesting experience. My advice is to plan ahead with a few attractions that appeal to you, and then enjoy yourself!

Have you been to Las Vegas? What was your favorite attraction? If you could get tickets to any show or event, which would you pick? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “L is for Las Vegas

  1. We love Vegas, in fact we got married there…but not by Elvis. We did a drive thru wedding on the motorcycle at the Little White Wedding Chapel. It was fun and fast and quirky. Just our style.


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