T is for Tokyo Station


For the letter T in the A to Z Challenge, my obvious choice (if you’ve read many of my other posts) is Tokyo. There are many places to visit in Tokyo, including Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree, so it was difficult to narrow it down. But I narrowed it down, and decided that T is for Tokyo Station 東京駅.

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station – photo by kei

Tokyo Station is located in the Marunouchi shopping district of Tokyo, Japan. It is the main intercity rail terminal and the busiest station in Japan with over 3,000 trains per day, and serves Shinkansen bullet trains from around the country.

Tokyo Station Ceiling

The iconic ceiling of Tokyo Station – photo by kei

Tokyo Station opened in 1914, and has been rebuilt several times due to fire and WWII bombing, as well as undergoing extensive remodeling. When I was there in late 2014, the surrounding streets were undergoing renovation.

Tokyo Station Christmas Illumination

Tokyo Station Christmas Illumination – photo by kei


In addition to being a train hub, Tokyo Station is also a shopping hub, with many stores, souvenir shops, and small restaurants within the indoor station complex.

Tokyo Station Shops

Tokyo Station Shops – photo by kei

If you are traveling around Tokyo, to the Imperial Palace grounds, Ginza, or by Shinkansen, you may find yourself in Tokyo Station. If you have some time to spare, it’s well worth a look around this iconic train station.

Have you ever visited Tokyo Station? Or a train station or major hub in another country? Tell me about it in the comments!

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