Photo Friday: Earth / Owakudani


Owakudani, Hakone, Japan

Photo Friday Challenge: Earth

Today’s Photo Friday Challenge is…. on Tuesday. Oops. So I probably should have joined the Blog Every Day in May challenge to keep myself posting regularly, but sometimes life happens. Anyway, on to the photo!

Owakudani 大涌谷 is located in Hakone, Japan, and is essentially the area around a crater created during the last eruption of Mount Hakone around 3,000 years ago. This is an active volcanic zone where the volcanic activity heats vents (fumaroles) with sulfurous fumes and hot springs. Hiking on the trail near the sulfurous vents, where they boil eggs that you can eat, you can truly see the power that lies just below the surface.

When I visited Owakudani, I could understand the power of the Earth on which we live as I wandered over a volcanic magma chamber, as well as the natural resources that we can utilize, such as geothermal energy. Wandering in the “Great Boiling Valley” (the meaning of the name Owakudani) and looking at the andesitic igneous rocks (that are 3,000 years or older) that remind me of the explosive nature of this volcano, I couldn’t help but stand in awe of the Earth – and this photo reminds me of that experience.

What do you think represents best the power of the Earth? Have you visited a volcanic area before? Let me know in the comments!

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