Photo Friday Challenge: Numbers / Ginza 3-Cho-me


Ginza 3丁目

Photo Challenge Friday: Numbers

This week’s Photo Friday Challenge involves numbers, so I picked a photo of Ginza 3-Cho-me or 銀座3丁目 (Ginza san-chou-me). My photo only involves one number, but I think it’s an interesting number. This is the 3rd block of Ginza, Japan’s most popular shopping and entertainment district. Ginza’s streets are lined with famous luxury brands on the most expensive land per square meter in Japan (one square meter of land is ¥10 million, which is over US $90,000). Walking through Ginza is always fascinating, because the luxury brand shops create elaborate displays throughout the year (and especially at Christmas).

When strolling through Ginza, I try to emulate the busy people around me and walk like I have a purpose (perhaps buying a diamond at Tiffany’s? a purse at Louis Vuitton?), but more often than not I end up stopping to take photos and stare at the opulence around me. Perhaps someday I will be able to stroll confidently through the stores (and maybe even buy something), but not yet!

What do you think of my interpretation of this week’s theme? Have you visited Ginza’s shopping district? Let me know in the comments!

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