Photo Friday: Opposites / Sanno Matsuri


Sanno Matsuri

Photo Friday Challenge: Opposites

I have been out of town a lot recently, for both business and pleasure, so I have a few Photo Friday Challenges to catch up on. The first one is Opposites, which I chose to represent with a photo I took last month when I went to Japan. Summer in Japan is the season for festivals or matsuri 祭, and I wanted to attend at least one while I was in Japan. On June 10th, my mother-in-law and husband took me to Ginza 銀座 for the Sanno Matsuri 山王祭 along its parade route.

I was able to snap this photo along the parade route, and along with the charming gentleman smiling in the front as he pauses for the traffic light, I think that this exhibits the opposites that are so noticeable when in Japan. Japan is a delicate balance between opposites: the modern and the ancient. Throughout the country, from Tokyo to Kyoto and in between, I am struck by the contrast of these two opposites. Ancient Shinto festivals parade along the modern city streets in between high rise buildings, and men in period costumes who bear shrines on palanquins wait in the hot, humid city air at a red light as cars pass.

What do you think of the juxtaposition of ancient and modern in Japan? What other opposites strike you?

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