Photo Friday: Look Up / Sinks Canyon Cliffs


Sinks Canyon

Photo Friday Challenge: Look Up

Still playing catch-up for Photo Friday, I chose this photo from Sinks Canyon in the Wind River Basin of Wyoming for the theme “Look Up.” It’s always amazing what you see when you look up, and this day in June 2015 was no different. I was there for the sandstone, which forms these enormous cliffs that line the entrance to Sinks Canyon. The other people in this photo were at the cliffs for another reason. Did you see them yet? The lady near the top was leading the other two up the cliff face, and seemed to be a rock climbing pro. I, too, climbed to the top, but I took a different route. Off to the left of the photo, there is a slightly gentler slope that I used to switchback to the top of the cliffs and check out the limestone at the top.

What do you see when you look up? Let me know in the comments!

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