The Facebook Page


お知らせ:(For your information)

I finally did it, and made a Facebook page for my blog*!

The inspiration came months ago, from Alice at Kiwi in Korea, but in my typical procrastinatorial style, I’ve only just gotten around to actually making it. I will of course link my posts, but also look for additional photos, random text posts, and whatever else a blogger is supposed to do on a Facebook page.

So please drop by and say hi on my new Facebook page! Let’s make our friendship Facebook official (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

*If you want to know how to make your own Facebook page for your blog, check out Mary Qin’s excellent walk-through.

And if you are really bored, you can always check out my Twitter account as well (but I will warn you that I am terrible at using Twitter).

5 thoughts on “The Facebook Page

  1. I used to have a Twitter account too. It got hacked and died.
    I used to have a Facebook page, but I deactivated it, along with my account, last year, I think.

    So, all I can give is some cheer! And good wishes.

    PS: The “whatever else a blogger is supposed to do on a Facebook page” cracked me up. xD


      • Anything really. You can post whatever you want. From random stuff going through your head to a random picture you took. Updates from your life, like “I’m on a trip now, so the post will be delayed, sorry.”, or articles you find interesting… OR even better. You could post a Japanese word a day, for example. With meanings and everything. That’d be nice. 😀

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