Photo Friday: Cherry on Top / Soft Cream


Sweet bread at St. Marc Cafe in IkebukuroPhoto Friday Challenge: Cherry on Top

The theme for this week’s Photo Friday Challenge is called Cherry on Top, which can also mean “finishing touch” – but when I looked at the splash page for the challenge (I’ve linked it above), all I could think of was dessert. So, I selected this photo from my 2014 trip to Japan of sweet bread, topped with matcha powder and sweet adzuki red beans. The “Cherry on Top” for this gourmet treat? Vanilla soft-serve ice cream.

Soft-serve ice cream (also known as soft cream ソフトクリーム) is a popular dessert in Japan, and when I visit I end up eating a lot of it. There are different flavors depending on the season, the local specialty, and the creativity of the company. This bread, matcha, adzuki, and soft cream is from St. Marc Cafe in Ikebukuro, in Tokyo.

What is your favorite dessert or treat? Let me know in the comments!


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