Photo Friday: Frame / Lava Tube


Maui - Waianapanapa State Park

Photo Friday: Frame

At Wai’anapanapa State Park in Maui off the Road to Hana Highway, I crawled into a lava tube to take this photo of the surf beyond the beach. The black sand that makes up the beach here comes from the weathered dark volcanic basalt, which forms the lava tubes. Using the dark lava tube to frame the photo brings the attention to the waves beyond, and the beautiful blue color of the ocean.

Stooping to go through the lava tube – that’s big enough to enter but not quite big enough to stand up in – it’s incredible to think about the volume of lava that passed through the tunnel. Lava on the big island still flows out of long active tubes like this one, and someday perhaps others will crawl through the remnants of those lava tunnels! Black sand beaches are unique to areas with volcanic deposits that create the unique sand color. This black sand beach is a little less comfortable than white sand beaches, as the gravel size of the black sand creates a surface that’s not enjoyable to walk on in your bare feet, but with sandals it’s still a really cool beach!

What is your favorite beach trip? Let me know in the comments!

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