Photo Friday: Shine / Maui Sunset



Sunset in Maui

Photo Friday Challenge: Shine

Today’s Photo Friday Challenge is called “Shine” – and I immediately thought of the shining sun. I’m quite fond of the sun, and I enjoy being outside when I have time off or when I travel. I love to view the sunrise and sunset wherever I travel, and I especially enjoyed watching the sun set on the lovely Hawaiian island of Maui. I also saw a few sunrises, but I usually went paddle boarding in the early morning, so I didn’t bring along my camera!

Catching the sun behind the clouds makes the sun shine since it doesn’t wash out the shot with light, but rather filters it around the clouds. Maui is primarily a resort island, but whenever I watched the sun set into the Pacific Ocean at the end of the day, the atmosphere was calm and peaceful as if I was the only person on the island. I think this is part of the magic of tropical islands.

What is your favorite time of day – sunrise, sunset, midday? Let me know in the comments!

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