Blogs I Like/おすすめブログ


A list of blogs I like and would recommend to my readers, separated by category (in no particular order). 私のおすすめのブログのリストです!特にランキングがないけど、大体英語のブログだからすみません。

AMWF/International Relationship Blogs ・ 国際恋愛のブログ

Crazy Chinese Family – A European man married to a Chinese woman living with their son in Germany, with occasional visits from the crazy Chinese mother-in-law!

Greece Meets Taiwan – A Greek girl and a Taiwanese guy living in South Africa, by Eleni

ichigoichielove – A Swedish American girl married to a Japanese guy, discussing multicultural love, travel, and other topics, by Ri & YJ

My Korean Husband – An Australian girl married to a Korean guy, living in rural South Korea, by Nic & Hugh

Speaking of China – An account of life and relationships by Jocelyn, an American woman married to a Chinese man, living in China

Texan in Tokyo – The life of an American girl married to a Japanese guy, living in Japan, by Grace

外人wife,外人life – アメリカ人の奥さんグレイスと日本人の旦那さん良介の面白い日常生活をマンガで伝えています。このブログはTexan in Tokyoの日本語バージョンでしょ! Written in Japanese, by Ryosuke, Grace’s husband (Texan in Tokyo)

Travel & Culture Blogs ・ 旅行や文化のブログ

Haikugirl’s Japan – A British girl who has lived and worked in Japan, and writes about various aspects of Japan. Her series “Japan by Prefecture” goes through Japan prefecture-by-prefecture, and would be great to reference when planning a trip! By Ali


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