Bilingual writing / バイリンガル・ブログ


So if you have read any of my previous posts, you’ll notice I write in English and (try to write in) Japanese. Writing in English is easy for me because it’s my first language. Writing in Japanese is more challenging, especially trying to break out of elementary sentence structure.


Most people who read my posts are probably native English speakers. Maybe some Japanese people have read my posts? If they have, they probably also speak English. I don’t really know


So why write in two languages? I hope some people will be interested in my relationship with a Japanese guy, or things I write about Japan and Japanese culture. Maybe mostly Americans, but maybe some Japanese people will be interested too. Maybe writing in English and Japanese will help Japanese people to understand English, or help English speakers to understand Japanese, just a little bit better.


I also have selfish motives for writing in two languages. Writing consistently in Japanese might help me to improve my skills. Translating what I’m thinking about in English to Japanese, or thinking about how to translate my thoughts in Japanese to English, will hopefully help me.


It’s a challenge to write in two languages, but I plan to keep going. Do you read and write in two languages? Do you post in two languages? Do you have any advice for bilingual writers?