Photo Friday: Weight(less) / Tokyo Skyline


Tokyo Skyline

Photo Friday Challenge: Weight(less)

My interpretation of the Weight(less) photo Friday challenge is the view of the Tokyo skyline from the Mori Arts Museum (森美術館) in Roppongi Hills (六本木ヒルズ). Looking out over the city from the Tokyo City View deck at the museum definitely gives the sense of weightlessness as you take in the view of the entire city. This is one of my favorite views!

This year I would like to improve my night photography. Other than using a tripod, I need to get the proper ISO setting and figure out if there are other settings I need to adjust to make the blacks blacker, and the lights less blurry.

Are you doing the Weight(less) Photo Friday challenge? Link your post/photo in the comments!

Japan Diaries Day 31 – Tokyo Tower & Roppongi Hills


After hanging out in Shibuya with my university friend, the next day I convinced my fiance to take me to Tokyo Tower & Roppongi Hills.



After nonstop shopping on January 2nd in Ikebukuro 池袋 with my fiance’s mother and January 3rd in Shibuya 渋谷 with my friend from university, I was pretty satisfied with my hauls. So, I was ready to check off a few more sightseeing spots around Tokyo before I headed back to the US.

Tokyo Tower / 東京タワー

That evening, my fiance and I set off for Tokyo Tower 東京タワー to watch the sunset. Tokyo Tower is no longer the tallest tower in Japan at 333 m (that honor belongs to Tokyo Skytree now, at 634 m), but it offers a spectacular view of Tokyo. Unlike my prior trips to Tokyo Skytree, where it ended up being too cloudy and I never went up, the afternoon was nice and clear.


Tokyo Tower 東京タワー photo by kei

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